We Make Trash Removal Super Easy For You. With 99% pickup accuracy, we get the work done for you. Guaranteed!


D2D Valet is a reliable, affordable trash valet company that handles trash removal needs for luxury condominium and apartment communities throughout Broward County. With industry experience to back our services, it is ensured that our door-to-door trash pick-up services are provided to our esteemed customers in an impeccable manner.

As a trash valet service provider, we firmly believe in offering peace of mind to our valued customers. Such is the success of D2D Valet that many luxury apartments & condominiums offer our service as an amenity to their residents. We are committed to the preservation of a cleaner and healthier world. We have specifically designed our services to promote a healthy environment while also ensuring that your life is made a lot easier.


Our Clients

For communities who have already implemented this amenity: We want you know that we understand the frustration of dealing with most trash valet service providing companies. They can be a bit demanding because they know that you need their services. That is why in most cases they are overcharging their customers. The worst part is that they are not even apologetic for coming late or not showing up. D2D Valet believes in providing value to its clients and that is why we are offering our best offer to community managers who are not satisfied with their already contracted trash valet providers. We will beat any quote by 5%. All you have to do is present a written quote from the other service provider and we’ll gladly beat that by 5%.

Our services help property managers in:

  • Expanding their amenities packages
  • Differentiating themselves from their competing properties
  • Adding a supplemental income stream
  • Minimizing total trash costs of their property
  • Increased tenant retention

If your community hasn’t implemented this yet and you are wondering why you need to offer this amenity to your residents, then you need to understand that our valet waste service can benefit you by:

  • Solving all community garbage-related disputes
  • Cleaning up overflowing dumpsters and trash-covered stairs
  • Saving you from transporting junk to the waste containment facility
  • Keeping your property clean and your residents happy

Generating revenue/income for your community or association.

How Do We Operate?

It all proceeds in three simple steps:

Step 1: We provide trash bins for each unit.

Step 2: The residents have to simply place the trash bins outside their front doors between a pre-defined schedule and hours. 

Step 3: Our garbage valets arrive punctually at the scheduled time. They collect the trash and take it to the dumpster/compactor and leave the place tidy – it is as simple as that!

Why Should You Choose Us?

Finding a dependable trash pickup service is not as easy as it may seem. After all, it is about your reputation and of course, generating more revenue. Here is why it is in your best interest to make D2D Valet your first choice:

·       Increased Profits

We offer a great opportunity for communities (associations & property management) to generate more profit from events, renovations, maintenance, etc. as our services will automatically lower their expenses. All in all, we’ll provide exceptional trash valet services and you’ll get to increase your net operating income per unit.  

·       Reliability and Convenience

For us, it is all about delivering the very best to our clients. We offer absolute peace of mind and convenience to your residents. By hiring our services, you can say goodbye to facing any complaints regarding garbage disposal.

·       Affordable Rates

We not only beat any competitor’s quote by 5%, we also guarantee that there are absolutely no hidden charges. We believe in transparency and that is why we offer the most affordable rates in Broward County.

·       Dedicated Services

We strive to achieve excellence every single day. Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority. We have a team of experienced and hardworking people who are devoted to their work. When you choose us, you are hiring the very best in the business.

·       Flexible Pickup Schedules

We comprehend that your residents have busy lives. That is why we are offering schedules that are suitable for your residents. Our services are available 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) at a time window that suits your residents the most.

What's Next?

If you have any query regarding our services, then simply contact us. Our customer support team will get back to you shortly.